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How to Make a Baby Shower Footprint Invitation

When your child is soon to be born, or has already arrived you want to announce your happiness to all your family and friends. Everyone has their own way of doing this, some throw huge parties while others just send out cards. If you like to throw a celebratory part then you have to invite guests. Having trouble thinking of a creative way to invite people? You could send out just your average invitation or you could spruce it up with a baby footprint.

Footprint invitations are something special that are perfect for gathering the family together to share in the emotions of having your baby. They are perfect for your first or your fourth bundle of joy. Having a child is a very special event, and should be celebrated with love.

When you send off your invitations to that special party, decorate them with a footprint. This is a very easy, very creative way to invite your loved ones to the celebration. If you have a good printer you can create the card yourself. Just by looking up on Google images you can find thousands of great pictures footprints. You can choose between having just the silhouette of the foot or patterned footprint designs.

For those without access to a good printer, there are websites and companies that will design and send off your invitations. Places like IPV in New York City offer dozens of creative designs and will ship straight to your home. Some companies will give you the options of changing colors of your decided design choice. Some sites will even allow you to upload your design and they will send the invitations off for you.

If you are into scrapbooking and have the time to create all your invitations you can go and choose from the thousands of paper choices, pick up a stamp shaped like a baby's foot and select the colors. This will give you freedom to do whatever you want with the invitation. You can buy a large baby footprint stamp or small ones and put several of them on the invitation. When you create the invitation yourself you are opening up a world of creativity and it's all up to you!

Another way to make your invitation more special is by embossing it. Services are out there that can raise the footprint to make it more special to you and your friends and family. Sometimes even your printer at home can do this fun design for you. If you hire a professional card designer company, it will end up being more expensive than if you just stamped it on.

There are ways to emboss your own cards. You will need the embossing powder along with the footprint stamp and the colored ink of your choice. All you have to do is stamp the invitation with the footprint stamp, and then sprinkle the embossing powder on the wet ink. Now dry the ink using heat. This will melt the powder and create a raised look that is perfect for personalizing your invitations.

Creating invitations to celebrate the coming of a loved one is just the first step to putting together a party to celebrate this wonderful event. By putting together footprint invitations it will be meaningful to you and your guests. From simple order on the internet cards to embossing it on your own, there are several ways to creatively make your invitations.

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