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We'd love to hear from you! Send email to and our editor will answer your questions, or our webmaster will address any concerns. If you have an idea for a baby handprint or footprint project that isn't mentioned here, tell us about it. If we choose your craft project, we'll send you a $10 gift certificate to Target or (your choice).

If you have an adorable picture of your baby with one of the print crafts you've made, we'd love to see that, too, and would be delighted to post it on our homepage.

Just so you know that we really do exist in the non-digital world, here's our address:

2 Chaparral Drive
Santa Fe, NM 87508


Baby Footprint Poem
Baby Footprint Stamp
Baby Footprint Invitation
Baby Handprint Cast
Baby Footprint Frame
Baby Handprint Magnets
Baby Footprint Apron
Baby Footprint Totebag
Baby Footprint Memory Box
Baby Footprint Scrapbook Cover
Baby Handprint Christmas Ornament
Baby Handprint T-shirt
Baby Handprint Bib
Baby Handprint Stickers
How to Write a Baby Shower Invitation
How to Make a Baby Shower Invitation

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