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How to Write a Baby Shower Invitation

When you are excited about having a new little joy in the house, you want to share that joy with all your friends and family. This is where creating the perfect baby shower comes into mind. You have so many ideas to put into your party it is hard to know where to start. The place to begin would be with the invitations.

First, select a design that you want for your invitations. Select a look that describes your family as well as all the excitement that comes with the newborn. Even if you don't know the gender of your baby yet you can still find a cute neutral design for your invitation. Now that the design is selected you will want to put words on your invitation. Follow these 10 guidelines for invitation wording and you can do no wrong.

1. Start off with a cute poem about the baby. Some ideas for that would be "A baby girl/boy is on the way so let's celebrate before the big day!" Or a verse along those lines. There are sites to help you figure something adorable out.

2. The mom's name. Of course you would want to mention the person actually carrying the load, it isn't easy!

3. Don't forget to invite them to the baby shower, which is the point of the invitation.

4. Make sure your guests know the day they are expected at the baby shower.

5. If you don't mention the time of the party they might show up while you are still preparing everything.

6. Let everyone know where the party is going to be at, not everyone knows where you house is, so you might want to include a map.

7. It is very important that you know how many people are coming, so ask your guests to RVSP if they are able to attend. This will let you know how much food you will need.

8. If you are planning on any little games at the baby shower, make sure your guests know about it and provide any instructions. This will help your friends and family be prepared for the wonderful baby shower you have put together.

9. Mention the theme of the baby shower, this provides the guests with some ideas for gifts. An example would be if you were making the theme "bedtime" then people would know you are expecting blankets and other items associated with bedtime.

10. Tell people about any baby registry the mother may have.

By including all this information on your invitation, there shouldn't be very many questions on what to bring, or where it is. If you are out of ideas for cute poems there are thousands on the internet. Designing your card should be very simple as well. There are professional services out there that will provide you with a cute design and some will even ship them out to your guests.

Throwing a baby shower is a great welcoming for your new child. When you are expectant you want to feel comfortable that everyone knows and no one is missing out. Friends and family will be delighted to show up and offer their congratulations. Have fun planning your party! It isn't a horrible experience.
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How to Write a Baby Shower Invitation
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