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Baby Footprint Scrapbook Cover

Make your scrapbook cover leap to life with this three dimensional baby foot or hand imprint.

You'll need
- one half cup plaster of paris
- a section of a large yogurt container (or any other plastic container) - cut like a hoop about 2 inches high
- a dish of one cup of water
- a dish to mix the plaster of paris in
- a stirrer for the plaster of paris
- towelettes for cleaning up
- a smooth plastic surface (to make the back of the plaster of paris disc)
- a happy, relaxed and rested baby with clean hands and feet

Place the hoop of plastic on the smooth surface. Begin mixing the plaster of paris, adding the plaster into the water slowly while stirring constantly. Continue adding plaster and stirring until the entire half cup has been added. The mixed should be as thick as a mother and babymilk shake. If it is watery, add more plaster of paris. If it is too thick, add a tablespoon of water and stir for a minute.

When the plaster is ready, pour it slowly into the plastic hoop until the plaster is about half an inch thick. You may have enough plaster to create two imprints (its good to have a second hoop handy if you do). Wait a few minutes, then carefully and gently take your baby's hand and press it into the plaster of paris. The plaster should cover about half your baby's hand - ie, - only the bottom half of the hand should be covered with plaster. If your baby squirms and ruins the print, try smoothing the plaster back with a spoon.

Let the cast dry overnight. In the morning, pop it out of the plastic hoop. You now have a slim disc of plaster than can be glued to the cover of your baby's scrapbook. If you have an extra imprint, use it to glue on to the cover of a photo album, or a memory box, or wherever else you want a memory of your baby's earliest days.
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