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Baby Footprint Stamp

If you really love making baby handprint crafts, this is a must have. While it may be fun to paint your baby's hands and feet to make stamps, if you start getting really ambitious about larger stamping projects (how about stamping each napkin for their first birthday party, creating baby handprint stationary), this is THE way to go.

The process is super-simple. Create an imprint just the way you would for any other baby footprint project, but this time, send the imprint to a custom stamp maker and have them make a rubber stamp of your baby's footprint or handprint. Then you can stamp away like crazy... while your baby takes a nap.

If you're new to making an imprint, here's what to do:

1) Gather up the materials. You'll need

- Washable paint. This is important, as it is going on your baby's foot. Double check that the paint you get is non-toxic and does not require paint thinner to be removed. Any good craft store will have almost a dozen different kinds of baby safe, water soluble paints. For this project, choose a darkish color (really, anything but white and pale yellow will do) so the stamp makers will have a clear outline to work with.
- a sponge or a brush
- a few sheets of blank white paper

baby footprint stamp2) Introduce your baby to stamping
You'll get a much better stamp (and have more fun doing it) if you practice stamping with your baby before their feet are covered with paint. Practice holding you baby with one arm, and guiding their foot or hand down to press on a piece of paper that's lying on a table. After a few tries, you'll feel out the best way to do this with grace. If holding your baby with one arm doesn't work, you can bring the paper to you baby: sit them in their highchair, then press a piece of paper against their foot. If you're worried about the paper wrapping around their foot, tape a piece of paper to a book. Then press the greatly reinforced paper to their foot.

3) After you've got the stamping movement down, paint your baby's foot with the water soluble paint. You can use either a brush or a sponge.

4) Press the wet foot to the paper. Don't roll the paper around the foot, and be sure not to press too hard. Try getting at least three or four good-looking prints.

5) Wash off that paint.

6) Pick the best print. Let the paint thoroughly dry on the paper.

Now you've got a good imprint. The next step is to get it made into a stamp. If there's a custom stamp maker near you, bring the imprint to them. If not, you can scan the image and send it to They can make a custom stamp in a few hours - if you order by noon, they'll ship it out to you the same day. A 3 x 4 inch custom rubber stamp with a wood handle costs $26.50.

Now you can make baby footprint stamps to your heart's content.
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