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Babies' footprints evoke the tenderness all parents feel for their newborn, or their soon-to-be-newborn. Whether you are about to throw a baby shower, or if your bundle has arrived and you want to introduce him or her to the world, this article will help.

If your baby is already born and you want to make invitations for a party, see our article on creating a baby footprint stamp. With a stamp and some blank stationary you can create invitations in about two hours. Stamp every invite and envelope, then get on your computer and type out the details of the party.

Then print the information on to your baby foot invitations. If you're having a large party, or would rather not mess around with your printer and a stamping pad, you can have the stationary printed. offers a wide variety of invitation baby shower footprint invitationstationary that they will print on for you. Just create a design of the invites with your baby's scanned footprint (or handprint), upload it to their site, and in a week or less your printed invitations will arrive via mail.

Need baby shower invitations? Not a problem. There are dozens of excellent online stationers that can get you exactly what you want. And if you can't find pre-printed baby shower footprint invitations, you can have them designed and printed by a local printer or full-service stationer.
If you're a do-it-yourselfer, get yourself to Staples or Office Depot, buy some blank stationary, and turn on that computer. There are hundreds of images of baby feet and hands that you can use for your invitations.

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