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Baby Footprint Frame

People searching for baby footprint frames are usually looking to two different things: one, a kit that makes a baby print cast that comes with a frame, or a picture frame with baby's hand or footprint on it. We've done the research on both items.

If you're looking for a baby footprint frame kit, both the Discovery store and have nice framed kits that you can buy for around $20.00

If that isn't what you had in mind, you can create a baby handprint or footprint frame yourself. There are two options:

- You can make an imprint of a baby's hand or foot on the frame itself, or on the frame's matting. You'll need a frame or matting baby footprintthat's wide enough to fit the baby's imprint - 4 inches is ideal. To make the print, get some baby-safe ink, cover your baby's hand with it, and carefully press the hand onto the frame or mat as you want it to look. For MUCH more detailed instructions on how to make baby footprints with ink or paint, see the articles on making a baby footprint poem, or making a baby footprint totebag, apron or tshirt.

- Make a shallow cast of the baby's hand or foot and glue that onto the frame or the frame's matting. This is a little more involved than making an imprint, but the three dimensional effect of a cast is more interesting. It also lends itself to be touched. Too get detailed instructions on how to make a cast of a baby's hand or foot, see the article on making a baby footprint cast.
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