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Make Your Own Baby Footprint Kit

You don't have to buy a kit to make a baby footprint kit - make one in your kitchen in an hour, for a third of the price. We'll walk you through exactly what you need and how to do it (and how to clean up).

Creating a cast of your baby's foot or hand will take 90 minutes from start to finish. Before you start, you'll need:

Plaster of Paris (available at craft and hardware stores)
1 1/4 cups water
Small container (to mix the plaster)
Mixing spoon
Paper plates

First, get your baby's feet and hands clean, and get them set up comfortably close to you. Once the plastic mix is ready, you'll have about 20 minutes to make the casts, so its helpful to have your baby "prepped" before the plaster mixing begins.

Mix two cups of plaster of Paris and 1.25 cups water in the small container. To get a smooth mix, add the plaster of Paris slowly (about a quarter of a cup at a time), stir for a minute, then add more. Try to stir without whipping the mixture - you don't want to have bubbles in your cast. Be sure to scrap the sides of the container to get any dry material mixed in.

When the plaster is about as thick as pureed baby food, pour it into the paper plate until it is about an inch deep. Now wait about 2-3 minutes for the plastic to begin to set. While you're waiting, gather your baby up in a position that will be comfortable for both of you when you press their hand into the plaster. To be realistic, you might want to pour two or even three molds for the imprinting. Some babies squirm or try to grab hold of the plaster, so having an extra mold ready will increase your chances of getting a really good print.

When you are ready, press your child's hand or foot gently into the plaster and hold it there for a minute or two. This may be easier said than done - it might be prudent to pick a time when your child is relaxed to do the print. Again, be careful not to press too deep. Ideally you want the plaster to reach just over the base of your child's foot or hand.

After one to two minutes, carefully remove your baby's hand or foot. Place the imprinted plaster up in a safe place where it won't be disturbed. In about twelve hours you'll be able to pop the plaster out of the paper plate. You can then glue a picture hook to the back of the plaster and hang it on a wall. domestic violence attorney

baby footprint kitThere is an alternative to glueing a hook on the back - after you've pulled your baby's foot from the plaster, carefully press a flat-ended pen cap into the plaster, all the way through to the paper plate. Because a full sized pen is too heavy for the plaster to support on its own, its better to find a pen cap (or any other short tube) that you can leave in the plaster. Then, twelve hours later when the plaster has hardened, you can remove the pen cap and have a nice hole. Run a ribbon through the hole to cover up any rough edges and presto: a self-hanging imprint.

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